Tuesday Morning Student Presentations: Taey Kim

We’re running 15 minutes behind, but now we’re raring to go with Taey preparing to give the first paper of the day… Her subject: Strangers in Neighbourhood: Narrative of Social Intervention.

She starts of talking about moving to London 8 years ago and shows slide of house in Hackney, talking about the different cultures around her neighbourhood.

“I feel safe than ever before in London…. I don’t feel foreign”.

Talks about many stories to cover in N16. “To search unwritten stories of hidden places, I invite a ghost to company with. Her name is Hyeseok Na. She is a Korean Artist, a landscape artists and painter.”

Taey says she’s using the artist as lens. She’s creating a parallel world of becoming her. But not being her

Taey giving some background to previous presentation about Hyeseok Na – daughter of rich bureaucrat, a gifted writer, finally alienated when she resisted social order. Now recognised a leading feminist – a significant figure in Korean social movement.

The context is Japanese contextual time.

Landscape painting of Hyeseok Na shown. Talking about the Flaneur, dainty French gent. Taey says search on to find female equivalent.

Taey describes exchange of letters between two Hyeseok and Mary Wollenstonecraft describing stoke Newington in London Gives date of birth 1759-1797

I intervene, and ask Taey whom the letters are between and she says a fictional character and Hyeseok

She shows website of strangers in the neighbourhood – a new way of showing new space.

Question: Who came to your tea party?
Question: Leslie asks for a main thread and Bruce seeks greater explanation
Suggestion: Rachel says have you considered speaking without notes as you speak more passionately.


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