Tuesday Afternoon’s Student Presentations: Turliff Vilbrandt

Heterogeneous volumetric manufacturing/modeling

Wants to represent the true nature of objects digitally.
If you can represent things very accurately, you can then do many different things with them.

Discussion of a machine making itself.

You can ‘print’ many kinds of things from human hearts to plastic, glass, titanium and others.
His practice is making software platforms to do this.

Ethics? Copyright? Important issues to be explored in this field.

Fablabs Fabrication Laboratory – where Turlif works in very northern Norway. Fablabs were set up in very remote unique places on purpose. Related to Turlif’s experience in building communities.

Showed a presentation titled ‘encoding ethics’.
‘Information is Power’ information (scrolls 2k years ago were as valuable as money)

Discussion of copyright history, the nature of digital information.

Discussion of Floss – free libre and open source software (FLOSS).

Open Source discussion
Information is Reality
Problem – no good license for Digital Fabrication.
Turlif developed Common Good Public License CGPL.org
Copyright as Ethics – rules for use congruent with ethics

Next steps? Print nature like heterogeneous products – fibers and materials with similar

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