Tuesday Afternoon’s Student Presentations: David Dunkley Gyimah

“The Outernet” The Internet Out there

The Outernet is a combination of 2 or 3 things. It’s not internet television, but rather for instance information in a housing estate, or a 3D cube on a huge screen as in Minority Report.
www.apple.com/uk/pro/profiles/gyimah/ is an example
David’s background is NEWS.

Community broadcasting, eg. Katrina, or Hull floods. Could be a good use, enable the residents to post info or details in a public setting.
Video journalism + integrated multimedia = Outernet

Video journalism:

News normally has a chain of command of 4 or 5 people, one person doesn’t control it all, so this is a radical idea. BBC is starting this process, it’s causing a fuss.

Integrated multimedia: units that exist on a page. Now people are looking for this, it didn’t used to be like that, somebody else did it.

David presents a timeline about representational art, created by D. Hockney.

Do we have the equivalent in news? Or cinema? The 60s could be the catalyst, handheld Bolex cameras, etc. changed cinema – and they are like video journalism. And pictures now are entering an antiestablishment mode. Having the camera empowers you.

It doesn’t make sense that every news piece has to be done with the same formula.
So, the VJ approach evolves in realtime and it is ART.

David showed one of his 5 minute pieces: one camera, one person, many stories.
He constructs and creates the story as he is filming it.

Video journalism + integrated multimedia = Outernet
Global Vlog, sort of interviewing someone in the presence of superBloggers – this is integrated multimedia.

Conclusion: something new afoot, anti-traditional and with an opportunity…
First trying to situate the Outer Screens, then get the communities to tell you what’s happening.
The developing a method to get and manage the data.

Q: Camille, how is VJ different from documentary, how is different from the public using mobile phones to tell personal stories? A: VJ is a type of documentary, a creative medium. Freedom. Prob. Not much distinction from ‘citizen journalism’ (i.e the second part of the question)

Q: Anita: will David’s local news be locally protected? A: Yes, it’s their news. Protection of the physical screen? He has experimented with screens that cannot be easily destroyed – but that is one of the last things in my mind.

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