Tuesday Afternoon’s Student Presentations: Cathy O’Kennedy

Last time: The Divine Normal.

Began with hurling and football in Ireland, wanted to go to such places and make dance. Laban’s theories of movement came to the fore, the sacred geometry of the body, in Laban and the visual arts eg. Leonardo.
This time: to look at different gestures that summarise , for example, emotions.

Between now and Feb she has worked on 2 pieces inspired by this thinking process. And a dance+education project with 200 primary school kids between 7 and 12 combined with the Irish baroque orchestra.

Has previously been intuitive but is now articulating it.

Showed video documentation of her recent dance projects, made to show the breadth of the work.

The ‘mysterious’ is important in the people she works with, eg. Her ‘Counterbalance” projects. Keytexts that she’s been reading Divine Beauty, and Emotional Yoga , they have been important.

Emotional posture: each posture has an emotional content.
‘Pieces of Elsewhere’ and other works try to present this. The language of movement employed reflects

Kathy’s processes and techniques in dance.
John O’Donaghue’s writing is important in the context of ‘divine’. Kathy thought hard whether to use his phrase in her dance piece. He is an ex-priest. Kathy escaped into dance as some kind of spiritual practice. John speaks about Beauty’s Entrance , reaching towards . . (etc). This is where Kathy is at. Building a theoretical spine out of the expeirnece of the past, exploring the language of the techniques that the work has uncovered.

Buckminster Fuller: when I work on a problem I don’t think of beauty, only the solution. But at the end I recognize beauty.

Q: defendable criteria for real people? A: none, everybody is ‘real’
Q: work with same groups regularly A: yes I do
Q:where to you get choreographic inspiration A: from everywhere, particularly people around me.

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