Tuesday Afternoon’s Student Presentations: Alison Williams

Alison is starting from a paper that will become one of her PHD chapters.
Two streams: interviews with senior managers, and self-reporting.

Definitions of creativity: MacKinnon 1962, 3 criteria and Gardner 1996
4 P’s: People, Process, Product, Press (the latter is Alison’s latest “P”)
She’s looking at day-to-day creativity.

Since 1991 she has specialized in creativity in the workplace, running courses. Alison has a favourite individual exercise for her training courses. Based on de Bono’s thinking puzzle.1 cake 3 knife cuts to make 8 equal bits. The answer is to think in 3D.

1st stage: preparation

2nd stage: frustration

3rd stage: insight

final stage: working it out.

Between 2nd and 3rd is an incubation phase

For groups, the model is slightly different. Individual has a cognitive dimension, group is behavioural.
A second practical exercise from Alison: Where are you, what are you doing – when you’re working on a idea?

We wrote answers on post-it notes and compared answers.

Alison presented her results from over 18 years of getting this information. Her hypothesis was that if you designed a space that gave people affordances to people to be creative, it would be a good idea. She designed a 1750m2 space that gives the physical conditions for creativity, anecdotal results have been positive.

Q: (Taey):about The Artist’s Way book
Q(David): news rooms are being redesigned in a more creative way.

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