SMARTlab PhD Seminar Running from 9-13 July 2007

SMARTlab PhD Seminar Running from 9-13 July 2007. SMARTlab are running one of three yearly seminar sessions for their PhD students from around the world at UEL, London this week. As well as giving students ample time for both one-to-one peer support and ideas exchange within the international group, the SMARTlab seminar week also includes a series of talks and seminars designed to meet the needs of each student. The seminars cater to the wide range of subject areas, fields of research and specialities of our students. The current session aims to get back to basics and explore the nature of a practice-based PhD and the aim for an original contribution to knowledge in cross-disciplinary fields. The week-long programme also includes practical and academic advice on theory, writing and funding, as well as discussion, debate, and special events. Steve Di Paola will be speaking on modeling intelligent expression and cognitive knowledge systems, and students will be presenting their own research. The seminar also gives students the chance to gain supervision with their supervisors across the different schools of UEL.

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