Presentation: Taey

Taey: Virtual Nomads, online spaces, mapping, charting territories of identity and individuality, temporality, space, chiaorscuro, the aim of getting lost, nomadic travels in real and cyberspace, the flaneur and flaneuse, gender studies and feminist theory, urban experience and narrative, exile, diaspora, physicality versus virtuality, snap grid mapping and invisible space

Feedback: Sara enjoyed the prose style and the pleasurable mode of the writing; asked questions about layering of knowledges across cultures including aboriginal cultures and post-colonial theory

Taey discusses the struggle between representation using contexualisatons from French theory and feminist theory, to the need for an Asian or non-Western framework for analysis. Taey discusses of the role of the non-Western artist as a mover through the narrative environment that is also real space and mappable emotionally, cognitively and geographically. Alison questions the artist as stalker – is this not totally unethical? Taey responds: in the first work by this artist, there was a detective hired to stalk the artist, so this was a set up, a way of addressing the tracing of self and a mode of pretence, role play, etc. So this is a creative act for me, not an ethical issue about real invasion of privacy and space.


Taey Kim

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