Anita Mckeown’s role at SMARTlab is within Project Development – Partnership and Participation. She is an interdisciplinary artist, producer and researcher working in the public domain, exploring the potential of open-source software to transform space to place. In 2004 she won the prestigious Bravo Award, the only non U.S. citizen to do so for a digital public art project in Memphis, TN, and her work continues to be exhibited and performed nationally and internationally. In 2008, she was elected by invitation to the Royal Society of Arts.
She is Co-founder and Creative Director of Arts Services Un-incorporated (ASU) a not-for-profit community arts organisation established in 2006, and based in South East London. Since 1998 she has worked for a number of organisations within the arts e.g. Lewisham Youth theatre, Razor Edge Theatre Company, Music in Prisons, Heart N Soul Theatre Company, utilising her extensive experience of  project development and management.

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