Embodied Transference/Transcendence-Performance/Locative Media project: Camille Baker

Mind Touch: embodied presence/ mobile media performance

Camille will do three things: talk about background, then talk about project and show video, then show latest and newest of project just done this weekend.

A show and tell she says. Camilla outlines her CV moved from Canada some time back. She’s been teaching for about 7 years has a non-profit society that focuses on digital performance.

One of her projects was doing iPod movies. She talks about embedding technology in garments. Shows slide of biofeedback sensors. Was a lead curator and performer of a festival – electronic music thing she says. Been in various bands over the years.

Talks about going back in her life and work in Vancouver – her masters – online mag generation X mag was quite fun to do. She was trying to get into the dotcom bubble but was a tad late.

Talks about doing web design, creating a gallery, being a dancer..

Camille playing a video Mind touch which explains her passion = participatory installation that play with the idea of the mobile network.

Talking about the metaphor that guides the project. How could you share dreams with friends, family .. how could you simulate that, she asks. How could you do that telepathetically.. how could you do that?

Video shows workshop, people bringing their own video phones. People are asked to tap into them their feelings. Work then goes into Rnd BBC project – how the data from a data base is used to trigger other events is spoken about. Talks about stage two to make the body data trigger something else in the network. Makes a comparison with club Vjs video jockeys who create visual feasts through sound, music being played.

Stage three is showing at various events which will trigger media.

Shows video she says has not been edited. Sound and visual meshing.

Latest project is about to be shown: a collaborative project of custom software.

Camilla showing a device that measures EKG attached to phone non communicative device combine the two, working with mobile devices and performance and which can be communicated through the network.

Talks about coming up with some way of measuring the data

Question about whether the data can be broadcast. Camilla talks about network issues and that blue tooth has implications. Her ultimate vision is to work through mediators. She doesn’t have the answers but is finding them as she goes along. An array of questions follow from Galen about how the device could have huge medical value.

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