Eye-Gaze Workshop at the UEL Learning and Teaching Conference

This month’s UEL Learning and Teaching Conference at UEL was host to a unique Eye-Gaze workshop. Dr Mick Donegan, SMARTlab’s Principal Investigator in Multimodal Interfaces & Assistive Technology, introduced pioneering eye-tracking software that enables users with restricted mobility to control 2D desktop environments and communicate using visual keyboards.

Dr Rachel Armstrong introduced the Eye-Gaze technique and its benefits, and discussed directions for further research into continued validation for the technique. The presentation included a rare chance to catch a short screening of SMARTlab’s recent sell-out Eye-Jamming event at Dublin’s Science Gallery, with James Brosnan and Katie Gilligan performing the world’s first ever Duet for Eyes!

Mick Donegan on the power of Eye-Gaze software: “Enabling someone to express themselves and engage with people in ways that they can’t do in real life – because they are restricted to a wheelchair or a bed – can have a really positive effect on their self-esteem and motivation.”

The New Scientist recently ran a related article entitled “Eye-Tracking Interface”:

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