SMARTlab is proud to announce the graduation of two more successful PhDs:

Dr Camille Baker and Dr Denise Doyle graduated at an impressive UEL ceremony that took place on Tuesday, 15 November 2011, at the O2 Centre, London.

The SMARTlab ladies were two of just seven PhDs to graduate from UEL this year, and experienced the extra special treatment well deserved for attaining the highest academic qualification honoured. The PhDs enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of having the hood and hat placed on them by the Chair of the Board of the University in a regal manner, and Master’s graduates flocked around them afterwards to pose for snapshots with a rare breed PhD!

After several years of hard work, Camille said, “It was such a nice closure to a long and sometimes difficult process”.

Denise and Camille, congratulations on your attainment. We salute you!

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