Global Education Summit, 26-27 March
SMARTlab is proud to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Global Education Summit in Istanbul, with the President of Turkey and senior Ministers, the Education Director of the OECD, Director of Intel EMEA, et al:

21st: Dr David Prendergast of Intel on Lizbeth Goodman and Nicola Herbertson lead the hands-on training session on Communicating for Indsutry Impact, Virtual Worlds by and for People with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities – with participants including the six new SMARTlab-IDRC Marie Curie Fellows: Dr Cathy Dalton, Dr Kenn Kerr, Dr Yugos Politis, Dr Anita Yakkundi, Dr Aviva Cohen and Dr Nigel Robb

TED, 7-8 March
Valencia Spain- inTED: SMARTlab chairs the Panel with speakers including Prof Lizbeth Goodman (chair), Dr Joe Eyerman, Dr Jacki Morie, Camille Baker, Dr Ken Kerr, Prof Jutta Treviranus, Dr Eva de Lera, Nicola Herbertson, Laura Screpanti, Bo Zhang, Cagir Cubukcu, on VIRTUAL WORLDS & ROBOTICS FOR INCLUSIVE LEARNING

Profesor Lizbeth Goodman to speak on Innovation at the Leadership Forum, Croke Park Stadium, Dublin this Thursday 3rd March:





SMARTlab Winter Wonderland- Spring Forward: 2016 PhD Seminar!














Lynne Heller: “Avatar Daughters: Envisioning a Spectrum between the Material/Virtual Through Feminist Theory”#


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This event follows on from the Dublin Seminar of 17 July, and is running in collaboration with the OCADU Masters of Inclusive Design with 25 international candidates participating live, and additional presentations online.

Speakers include Prof Jutta Treviranus, Prof Lizbeth Goodman, Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Why the Caged Bird Sings: Native Radical Inclusivity and Sonic Survivance, including a Cree song and Round Dance as part of the presentation), Lynne Heller, David Lawson, Paul Shechter, Dr Sambhavi Chandrashekar and Don Tapscott!

The seminar is streaming live on Vidyo.
Also see pics in the flickr stream

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…Members of the UCD Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland are here collaborating on the seminar, collaborative research projects, and revving up for the Accessibility SPRINT!
Accessible webstream and recordings are available.
See Professor Jutta Treviranus‘ work cited as world-leading in supporting people with disabilities, including Stephen Hawking:

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phdSpeakers include Dr Camille Baker, Dr Alison Williams, Dr Taey Kim, Dr Max Schleser, Dr Jeb Weisman, Dr Deveril, Dr Joe Eyerman, Nicola Herberton, Will Pearson, Bo Zhang, Sapna Ramnani, Tanya Power, Ciara Garvin, & Paul Schechter along with Prof Lizbeth Goodman presenting on Transdisciplinary Research, Practice-led Research, Impact Analysis, Virtual Worlds for Learning, and the process of turning remarkable research into PhDs and published books!

For more pictures click here.

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Disordered-worldThe PhD seminar is well underway! For the full month of July, SMARTlab is facilitating international PhD students in undertaking modules in Research Methods, Critical Thinking, Interdisciplinary Research Skills, Creative Technology Innovation, Social Entrepreneurship and Open Responsible Innovation! Selected external talks are also available for streaming to remote sites. This week’s highlight so far has been Dr Ian Hughes of Forfas, presenting radical ideas from his new book on Our Disordered World!

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Lynne Heller with AvatarThis year’s Practice-based PhD Seminar ran from Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October 2011 at Nova Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre on campus at University College Dublin.

The main focus was on Practice and Practice-based Research Methods, and students presented on their research alongside seminars, lectures and visiting speakers. See images at our photostream on Flickr.  See schedule of proceedings here (pdf).

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The SMARTlab tri-annual PhD Seminar is upon us yet again with students visiting from all corners of the globe.

* SMARTlab PhD Seminar Schedule, Friday 9th July – Friday 16th July (latest update: 4pm 9th July

* Updated SMARTlab PhD Handbook

* Bios and Abstracts for faculty and students

* Code of Practice – Handbook for Postgraduate Research Programmes incorporating the UEL Code of Practice and the Regulations for Postgraduate Research Programmes made by Graduate School.

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Interested in the origins of life on Earth?

Ever heard a tree talk?

It’s the October ’09 PHD Seminar and yet another intense week and a half of presentations, tutorials, workshops, seminars,  fun and frolicks have begun!

We are opening up the lab to the public on three evenings this semester, with the following exciting external speakers exploring the following topics:

ORFI-MFF-05SUNDAY, 18th Oct – 5.30-6pm

Wine & Cheese Evening:

ORFI performance/showcase: Exploring collaborative music creation between people with dissabilities, their family and carers


WEDNESDAY 21 October – 6.15-7.30pm

Wine & Cheese Evening:

Bruce Damer: The EvoGrid: Simulating An Origin of Life and Providing a Technological Pathway for the Future of Life

Free – Book a ticket via:

Alex Metcalf Tree Listening 01

THURSDAY 22 October- 6-7:30pm

Wine & Cheese Evening:

Alex Metcalf: RCA graduate/sound environment artist

Free – Book a ticket via:

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PhD Week

The SMARTlab tri-annual PhD Seminar is upon us yet again with students visiting from all corners of the globe.

We welcome external guest speakers to the lab this July including:

Sunday 19th July 2009, 6-7pm.

Verity Slater: Visual Arts Officer for Media Arts at the Arts Council England, South East

Verity Slater_photo

Verity Slater leads on the development of digital engagement with the arts in the South East region and works closely with a portfolio of artists, researchers and creative organisations across the UK. She previously managed the transdisciplinary programme ‘Sciart’ for the Wellcome Trust. She advises on a number of projects including ‘3G’  – an international development project based at the University of Sussex – sharing women’s experiences across four developing countries using mobile and distributed media platforms. She is an associate reviewer for the Wellcome Trust and a panel member on various programmes including the Helen Chadwick and Oxford Melbourne International Fellowships and Real World film commissioning initiative. She has contributed to various publications on arts / science practice and research, including “Expanding the Lab” for Axis (2007) and “Talking Back to Science: Art, Science and the Personal” for the Wellcome Trust (2005).

Verity will give a short informal talk about her experience of supporting collaborative, transdisciplinary projects through the lens of public and private funding infrastructures in the UK.

Wine & Snacks in the SMARTlab MAGIC PLAYroom

Thursday 23rd July 2009, 5.45– 7.15pm.

Prof. Bo Reimer: Director of Medea Collaborative Media Initiative, Malmö University, Sweden .

Bo ReimerMEDEA Collaborative Media Initiative is a ten year initiative at Malmö University, focusing on new media and co-production. The idea is to experiment with new forms of representations of knowledge and with new models of innovation, within the field of new media. The work is practice-based and carried out in the form of co-production with actors outside academia – companies, organizations, artists, citizens etc. A special focus is put on the development of new creative practices and on new public spheres.

In this short presentation, Prof. Reimer will give examples of the work carried out at MEDEA. He will also discuss the challenges associated with collaborative, practice based work.

Kris Smith: The University of Newcastle, Australia

KrisSmithPortraitKris Smith is primarily researching art and health synergies with a focus on digital methods for self expression. His background is in digital photography, painting, drawing and printmaking. He is currently lecturing in digital photomedia, and is co-ordinator of this discipline within the School of Drama, Fine Art and Music at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Whilst in the UK, Smith will be involved in a number of activities related to an Australian Research Council Linkage Project Grant that is exploring the impact of cancer on identity and the transition from adolescence to adulthood. His part in this project is to enable the utilization of digital imaging technology for self expression and the exchange of ideas, with a primary outcome being a digital media self portrait exhibition that provides a focus for the translation and dissemination of the research resulting from the activities of the other (primarily medical) team members.

Kris will be giving a short talk on ‘Combining art and health research models to examine how cancer influences the transition from adolescence to adulthood’.

Wine & Cheese in the SMARTlab MAGIC PLAYroom

or book via:

For more information on the PhD visit:

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