Youbloomyoubloom is coming to Dublin! youbloom is a development programme created for unsigned artists, and for both live and online discoveries. The programme is driven by a love of new music, a desire to give back to the community and to support the emerging artists of tomorrow. It is a community of fans, promoters and artists that have a single overriding interest – the promotion of new artists and their music.

“youbloom@Dublin is an amazing opportunity for independent bands/artists and has the potential to become Dublin’s SouthbySouthWest” – Bob Geldof

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Because February 29 happens only once every four years, Beirut Art Center is putting on a special programme involving two pioneers of industrial and electronic music.  Pacific 231 is a project by SMARTlab PhD student Pierre Jolivet.  His concert is Wednesday 29 February 2012 at 8 pm.  More info…  Seminars by Philippe Blanchard and Pierre Jolivet are on Saturday 3 March 2012 at 4 pm, free entry.  More info…

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[Show & Tell] Sketching Music: Composition and Representation

WHEN: Friday 19 February 2010; 6:00pm – 8:00 pm
WHERE: SMARTlab Digital Media Institute, KD1.21 Knowledge Dock, UEL
Presentations by: Dr. Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut
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Levi Strauss wrote about music that it is: “the supreme mystery among the human sciences” (1964). The practices of composition also remain, at large, mysterious. I adopt in my research a technological stance to analyse composition as a task involving equipment and artefacts, in particular notations and representations. Many studies of cognition have shown that the use of representations impacts the cognitive process. The early stages of music composition often involve sketching on paper. These sketches range from informal drawing and diagrams to partial drafts of the composition. My PhD research aimed at understanding the role played by these sketches in music composition: what are the techniques and technologies, the concrete and individual actions involved in composition, and what role do they play in the shaping of a composition? I have designed and evaluated a computer program that provides similar functions to that of pen and paper. I will illustrate the findings of my thesis through a case study and a presentation of the software, the Music Sketcher.

Jean-Baptiste Thiebaut graduated in both music composition and computer science before starting a PhD with the Interaction, Media and Communication group at Queen Mary, University of London. He develops his own programs to compose music and to study composers practices. His research is inter-disciplinary, drawing on musicology, cognitive science and human-computer interaction. He is also active as an artist. Recent works include the sound design of the pilot of 365 (Zeina Abirached, 2009) for the French Television, the organisation of the event Augmented Instruments at the Luminaire, the installation The Giant Instrument, presented at the Shunt and The Dana Centre at the Science Museum, the installation Visual Sound at the ICA, and a performance based on the “sonification” of a portrait at the National Portrait Gallery. He composes and performs with the band pplato. He defended his PhD in 2009 and is currently a lecturer in the Interaction, Media and Communication group at Queen Mary, University of London.

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Interested in the origins of life on Earth?

Ever heard a tree talk?

It’s the October ’09 PHD Seminar and yet another intense week and a half of presentations, tutorials, workshops, seminars,  fun and frolicks have begun!

We are opening up the lab to the public on three evenings this semester, with the following exciting external speakers exploring the following topics:

ORFI-MFF-05SUNDAY, 18th Oct – 5.30-6pm

Wine & Cheese Evening:

ORFI performance/showcase: Exploring collaborative music creation between people with dissabilities, their family and carers


WEDNESDAY 21 October – 6.15-7.30pm

Wine & Cheese Evening:

Bruce Damer: The EvoGrid: Simulating An Origin of Life and Providing a Technological Pathway for the Future of Life

Free – Book a ticket via:

Alex Metcalf Tree Listening 01

THURSDAY 22 October- 6-7:30pm

Wine & Cheese Evening:

Alex Metcalf: RCA graduate/sound environment artist

Free – Book a ticket via:

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‘I just use technology to express myself,’ says James Brosnan, seen here at his home in Kilbarrack with Colm Ó Snodaigh of Kíla.

Photograph: Frank Miller

An imaginative use of technology has allowed James Brosnan to use his laptop to jam with musicians – despite having cerebral palsy and being in a wheelchair, writes SIOBHÁN LONG 

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MAKE SOME NOISE! SMARTlab’s Recycled Orchestra workshops transformed ‘junk’ this Summer at the Stratford ‘Red Hot Summer of Music Festival’ and at the Royal Festival Hall

SMARTlab is leading the ‘digital materialisation’ workshops where technology meets streetsmarts and where local groups come to learn to make musical instruments from junk and to play. People of all ages and musical abilities took part this summer and recent events have taken place at our lab in the Docklands, at festivals and have streamed live to Harlem, New York. Workshops have been led by musicians Robbie Perry of ‘Dead Can Dance’, Colm O’Snodaigh of KILA, Cheryl Alleyne-‘percussionist extraordinaire’, and with Toby Borland (expert in digital materialisation), et al.

The Stratford ‘Red Hot Summer of Music Festival’ brought these teams together for the first time, where music met and transformed ‘junk’ on 15-16 August 2008. The workshops, organised by SMARTlab, aim to show that making instruments and music from everyday junk can be easy, accessible and fun, demonstrating how both simple and intricate instruments can quickly be created.

Professor Lizbeth Goodman, Director of SMARTlab and winner of this year’s Blackberry Outstanding Woman in Technology Award, said: “The Recycled Orchestra is a wonderful way of using new technology and simple techniques to bring people together in music making with minimal demand on our environment. Through recycling, we can create really interesting, new musical instruments”.

Participants at the Stratford Centre were taught how to make a range of instruments, before enjoying a musical jam/orchestra session at the end of the two-day workshop.

MAKE SOME NOISE! was showcased at the Newham Arts Festival, Royal Festival Hall on 11 July, with special performances from African Footprint International.

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SMARTlab shouts out to KILA! live in Dublin with U2 and the Dubliners!With an all-star gathering of the best of Irish music, KILA shares the stage with Bono and U2, The Dubliners, Shane McGowan, Andrea Cor, Sinead O;Connor, Liam OMaonlai, Daniel Lanois, Damien Dempsey et al: ‘The Ballad or Ronnie Drew’ was recorded in honour of “The King of Ireland,” with all proceeds going to the Cancer Society.

Colm’s solo album, ‘Giving’, launches live in Dublin at Crawdadddy on Tuesday 26 Feb!

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