BBC MINDtouch workshop with Camille Baker – Mind Media & Mobile Sensory Experiences

When: 3-6pm, Friday March 20th, 2009
Where: MAGIC PLAYroom, SMARTlab
Cost: Free! (pre-booking essential)

This BBC R&D sponsored MINDtouch workshop precedes the Show & tell evening and is open to all. Bring along your mobile phone to take part in a relaxing and meditative global art project which will help generate imagery towards a larger, mobile networked, performative and collaborative and non-linear montage!

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Mind Touch: embodied presence/ mobile media performance

Camille will do three things: talk about background, then talk about project and show video, then show latest and newest of project just done this weekend.

A show and tell she says. Camilla outlines her CV moved from Canada some time back. She’s been teaching for about 7 years has a non-profit society that focuses on digital performance.


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Look out for a new SMARTlab video on YouTube!

MindTouch is an ongoing research project aiming to contribute to performance technology studies by investigating ‘liveness’ and ‘presence’ within the context of a specific networked, mobile media performance research project, currently underway, in order to uncover any new understandings that may have emerged from the use of new wireless and mobile technologies.

Watch the video:
More about MindTouch:

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