Tuesday 24 March 2009

Presentations from the Day – JISC Conference 2009

Pre-Conference Activities

Monday 23 March 2009
Opening Keynote

Professor Lizbeth Goodman Professor of Creative Technology Innovation, Director of the SMARTlab Digital Media Institute & MAGIC Multimedia & Games Innovation Centre, University of East London

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PodcastProfessor Liz Goodman talks IT innovation and inspiration
(Duration 14:36)

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ICT for a Global Sustainable Future Conference – How can ICT durably contribute to the wellbeing of all citizens around the world?

Professor Goodman speaks on ‘Creative Solutions: Almost too late Technologies and the Social Entrepreneurship Model for Sustainability’ at The PARADISO Summit for the European Commission, Brussels, 22-23 January, 2009.

At this conference that looked at how Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) will play a central role in a global sustainable future, Professor Lizbeth Goodman delivered a presentation around ‘Building Sustainable Research Models’ in the ‘feedback from the PARADISO open consultation’.

PARADISO is one of the Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) projects supported by the European Commission under FP7, aiming at answering a need for advanced experimentally-driven research including large scale experimentation to discover the technical, societal, and economic implications of changes to the Internet. PARADISO, which officially launched in March 2008, aims at identifying strategic research directions on network and service ICT infrastructures in the hypothesis of a disruptive paradigm concerning global societal developments (PARADISO is an acronym formed by the two words PARADIgm and Societal).

This conference was organised, with the support of the PARADISO project to fully comprehend what is at stake and which research areas need to be explored so that “appropriate infrastructures, applications and services, based on Information and Communication Technologies, can be available tomorrow for the citizens of the world”.

Lizbeth Goodman said:

“It seems to be news to many governments and universities alike, that in order to engage meaningfully in knowledge transfer, it is necessary to support the practice-based transdisciplinary research that leads to new forms of knowledge, then to knowledge exchange.

A sustainable knowledge economy must take account of this very basic fact, while it also engages across sectors, across disciplines, and with and for many different communities of shared interest, to create ground up creative models for engaging and supporting the third part of the triple bottom line – and the only one that matters when the financial chips are down: the social, or cultural, or creative imaginations and actions of people working toward shared aim.

In the formulation of an economy operating according to a ‘triple bottom line’, creativity is the missing ingredient in most – and creative uses of ICT can provide the solution.”

Professor Goodman presented a short selection of projects that have done just that, and proposed to bring these and other projects to the European Commission for roll out in schools and community centres, and with and through SMEs and industry and government bodies in partnership with cultural organisations.

“What I propose” she said, “is a network of Excellence in Creative Pedagogy and Practice by Design. Please join us! Engage in person and using ICT in sustainability programmes, connecting communities with locally available and recyclable resources and with caring by remote. If you want to discover new horizons, you have to be willing to lose sight of the shore for some time “

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UEL Marketing News

For immediate release… Thursday 8 May 2008

UEL’s Lizbeth Goodman wins BlackBerry Outstanding Woman in Technology award

Lizbeth Goodman, Professor of Digital Media at the University of East of London (UEL), was named Outstanding Woman in Technology at the 2008 Blackberry Women in Technology Awards, held at the Marriott Hotel in Grovesnor Square, London, on Tuesday 6 May.

Professor Goodman, founder and Director of UEL’s SMARTlab Digital Media Institute & MAGIC Gamelab and Innovation Centre, is an internationally renowned leader in the field of interactive media for social inclusion.

The author of numerous books on creativity, new media tools, representation in the arts, and the implementation of online gaming, she has led major symposia, conferences and research projects for organisations including the United Nations and the European Commission.

Professor Goodman said: “I am hugely surprised and absolutely honoured to be named the BlackBerry Outstanding Woman in Technology for 2008. It’s never just all about you as an individual; without the strong team around me and other passionate women in the industry, I wouldn’t be holding this coveted prize. It’s an award that belongs to all of us.

“There’s a real need for women in the technology industry to stand up and be counted, shout about what we believe in, not shy away from our successes, and set standards for ethically informed and socially committed inclusive technology projects and programmes.

“When we use technology to empower – to enable voices to be heard and ideas to be expressed creatively – we enrich the world in every way. The more we as women pull together to achieve this objective, the more others will be inspired to follow our lead.”

The Blackberry Women in Technology Awards celebrate and recognise the achievements of women using technology, both within and beyond the IT sector. Collaborators on the awards with the Blackberry team include female leaders from government, broadcasting and major technology companies, including IBM, BT and Dell.

Taey Kim, who works alongside Professor Goodman as Interactive Design and Brand Manager at SMARTlab, was a runner-up in the ‘Best use of technology within the multimedia industry by a woman’ category for her work as Artist in Residence at UEL’s Matrix East Research Lab.

The SMARTlab Digital Media Institute at UEL is dedicated to applying professional practices in the creative arts to the development of new technology tools addressing real social needs, primarily for women, underprivileged children, youth at risk and people with disabilities.

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lizbeth  talk in ICE08


Lizbeth Goodman Keynotes

Professor Lizbeth Goodman undertakes an International Keynote tour, to hit 4 major events around the globe. After stops in Seattle/Redmond, Chicago and New York for project partner meetings with Microsoft, the MacArthur Foundation and Creative Capital, she flies on to Toronto to Keynote at the ICE08 Conference on 26 March ( http://www.ice08.com/), and then directly on to OMAN to deliver a Keynote for the Knowledge Oasis Muscat major gathering of world experts on Serious Games  from 30 March -1 April, (press release at: http://www.ameinfo.com/149231.html), before traveling on to Dubai to speak at the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, running from the 1-3rd of April ( http://wsie.org/08/program.asp). She will return to London on 4th  April and will speak at the close of the FilmMobile event on the 5th of April at the Lumiere Cinema (http://www.filmobile.net).
Watch this space. . .

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