meetsharedance2Calling all dancers and dance enthusiasts, of all levels of experience and ability: the European/International MeetShareDance Festival is now on at UCD, led by Choreographer Cathy O’Kennedy (Fluxusdance, Counterbalance – Arts and Disability Ireland), with dancer Bobby Byrne (Counterbalance) with Monika Pozek (Artistic Director, MeetshareDance) and Douglas Scott (Full Radiance Dance, USA).

Supported by DLR Council Arts Office, Dance Ireland, SMARTlab-UCD, FluxusDance and Art Disability Ireland.

All welcome!

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…Members of the UCD Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland are here collaborating on the seminar, collaborative research projects, and revving up for the Accessibility SPRINT!
Accessible webstream and recordings are available.
See Professor Jutta Treviranus‘ work cited as world-leading in supporting people with disabilities, including Stephen Hawking:

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YurgosDr Yurgos Politis presented today to the DEEP Summit, outlining the achievements of the Inclusive Learning Project funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo Programme.

The presentation is here.

The live MOOC can be accessed here.

The interactive, fully accessible and adaptable Handbook of Inclusive Learning is here.

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leonardoThe purpose of this course is to provide teachers with the concepts and tools for designing and developing inclusive learning considering the preferences and needs of all students. The course introduces teachers in the Universal Design for Learning and the main concepts of web accessibility while they develop open educational resources. Teachers will be able to apply approaches and techniques for achieving an environment for inclusive learning.

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interviewFounder and director of SMARTlab Digital Media Institute and the Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at UCD, Professor Lizbeth Goodman went head-to-head with Andy Carling at New Europe Studios and discussed the opportunities for African-EU innovation programmes leading to practice-based PhDs and MA degrees, and a more inclusive educational system, as part of her major project on defining a Roadmap for Responsible Open Innovation.

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BB-agus-BellaOn behalf of SMARTlab and the new Inclusive Design Research Centre of Ireland @ UCD, in association with Kila & Igloo Productions, we are are proud to announce the launch of ‘BB Agus Bella’, a new magical learning adventure series for TG4. The series premiere starts 23 December, with ten episodes to be aired live each morning of the holiday season.

Enter a world where everyone is safe to explore and where different abilities are all equally encouraged and embraced. Put on your own magic spectacles and join the adventure!


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