SMARTlab PhD student, Bruce Damer talks about his research on the EvoGrid as well as dipping into subjects such as avatars, virtual worlds, the history of personal computing and a surprise “60 second idea to change the world” on the BBC World Service Radio programme “The Forum” with presenter Bridget Kendall and two other guests.

During the programme he launched a “60 second idea to change the world” called the Planetary Mood Ring.

BBC Website:
The Planetary Mood Ring:

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Mind Touch: embodied presence/ mobile media performance

Camille will do three things: talk about background, then talk about project and show video, then show latest and newest of project just done this weekend.

A show and tell she says. Camilla outlines her CV moved from Canada some time back. She’s been teaching for about 7 years has a non-profit society that focuses on digital performance.


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