Inclusive-LearningThe project is creating and sharing innovative new personalised accessible learning tools to empower learners of all ages, languages and abilities. Results include publication of the Inclusive Learning Handbook and preparations for conference and dissemination activities to come. . .

Attendees include representatives from Dublin, Girona, Barcelona, Geneva, and Piraeus.

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leonardoDr Yurgos Politis and Dr Deveril have been hard at work on the Widening Participation and Web Accessibility agenda! As part of our ongoing Leonardo Project for the European Commission, the SMARTlab team’s main task is to develop an Accessibility Guidelines Handbook (WP2), as an online Open Educational Resource to integrate the work carried out by European and Canadian partners in the e-Access and Alternativa projects. The SMARTlab team at UCD is also assisting with the pilotting phase of a new Certified Accessible e-Training Course, including advising on educational pedagogies attached to the uses of creative technology innovation.

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