SafetyNET Wear

Mooney SistersSisters Tara Baoth Mooney and Kathy Mooney

Creators of SafetyNET Daywear and African Fashion lines, Safety Bodice and Glove.

The Mooney Sisters have been affiliated with the safetyNET arm of SMARTlab since 2004. In their work they marry elements of technology with craft and it is, they believe, within this area of crossover that interaction, empowerment and creative awareness have the potential to bring together the individual, the wider community and the environment within which they sit. They see garments and textiles acting as a sustainable interface between the individual and their immediate environment, promoting reflection, emotional durability and communication.

Tara is a graduate from the University of the Arts specialising in sustainable textiles and looking at new developments in textiles – from digital print as a new medium of creative print to more complex developments such as smart textiles. She sees the convergence of textiles and craft with technology as a means to facilitate interaction and communication; as a tool to facilitate empowerment through learning; and as a medium for expression. Tara has trained and worked as a designer in the textile industry in New York, Ireland and China and her work has been exhibited in many locations around the world.

Kathy is a graduate of the Scottish College of Textiles, Galashiels, specialising in industrial textile design – specifically weave. She has been working in the textile and fashion world for the past fifteen years, and her work has been used by design houses such as Agnes-b and Harrods. She is presently researching yarn development.

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Website:  Diary of our daily threads – Tara baoth mooney

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