Projects & Research

SMARTlab at UCD – New Projects

SMART-LIFElab is a new project commissioned by the NCRC in 2011. The lab is planned as an educational programme designed to give children and teenagers a highly practical introduction to understanding their health, and the impact that their life choices can have on their future health. 

Centre for Learning Innovation

SMARTlab has been selected by two Irish government agencies (Enterprise Ireland and the IDA) to play a major role in the development of the new Irish Centre for Learning Innovation. The objective of the CLI is to greatly enhance the competitive advantage of the Irish learning technology industry by partnering with leading research groups in Ireland.

Research Clusters

SMARTlab is organised into nine research clusters, each of which is led by one academic faculty member, and some of which are co-directed by close colleagues in industry. The membership of the clusters overlaps to a great extent, as most researchers and most PhD students are active in more than one cluster and on more than one interdisciplinary project.

Community Engagement

SMARTlab operates on the principle of promoting e-inclusion and design for ability, assistive technology and educational inclusivity. In line with its guiding central principle of delivering real social change, SMARTlab technologies and models have been targeted to women, young people at risk and people with disabilities.

Creative Industries

At the core of SMARTlab is the concept of Universal Design, that targets the use of products, services and systems by as many people as possible without the need for adaptation. SMARTlab aims to be a knowledge-transfer hub, allowing disparate disciplines and competencies to come together to address challenges and develop solutions.

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