Will Pearson

Artist/Technologist in Residence (Social Media & Sonic Art) PhD Candidate, a theory of auditory saccadism


Will is Director of Technology at Ravensbourne, a digital design, media and communications university sector institution in North Greenwich, London. He works extensively with technology, principally mobile devices, exploring the relevance that experimentation and research in sonic arts has for redefining listening experiences. He is developing a theory of auditory saccadism, which will have benefit to designers of interactive media who use sound as a significant element of their work. He hopes to develop and promote learning and entertainment materials built using the theory to a wider and more inclusive mobile-owning population. He has worked as a creative technologist, including commissions for live touring visuals, theatre interactive and several iPhone applications. Previously, he held positions at Culturelab (Newcastle University), as Director of Creative Northants, as Programme Manager at NESTA and as Senior Access Technologist with the RNIB in fields of digital media and inclusive design.
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