Tara Baoth Mooney

Learning Animations Project – Creative Director


Tara Baoth Mooney is an artist and design practitioner combining technical competence with a broad range of social and interpersonal skills. Tara has been involved in the creative side of Children’s television for many years. Having trained and worked as a performer and composer for in New York at the Jim Henson Company. Tara worked with the Henson team on the innovative and Emmy award winning series ‘Bear in the big blue house’. Tara also had a huge input into the character development of ‘Shadow girl’, both performing the voice for the character, and composing the music for the shadow puppetry segments of the show, which were co-created by Mooney, John Ludwig and composer Peter Lurye. The production company under the direction of Mitchell Kriegman and ‘Big Big Productions’, developed a patented technique called Shadowmation utilizing real time virtual sets and Bunraku style team puppetry. Tara worked alongside Igloo productions and the SMARTlab Creative team to develop the characters, storyline and music for TG4’s ‘BB agus Bella’ the Childrens animation series in the Irish language. “I would hope to inspire young people of mixed abilities and ages to look beyond their immediate environment for the stories hidden in everything”
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