Taey Kim

Digital Artist and Independent Researcher


Taey Iohe is artist, researcher, cultural producer and filmmaker. The focus of her work has been on multimedia creation in art space. Her main interest is in how the nature of a visual language establishes a context within aesthetics, and cultural-political discourse for the development of a diasporic identity. She uses narrative visual elements within multimedia-based installations. Her subject matter is informed by questions surrounding the status of art writing and the nature of linguistic transitions in mobile geopolitical frame. Taey started as an award-winning digital storyteller (Best Contents in International Digital Arts Festival, 2000, Korea) and as a hypertext writer, and developed her skills in the MA Interactive Multimedia programme (University of Arts London) to enhance computer languages within multimedia platforms. She has been invited to show her work at a number of exhibitions and screenings internationally. She has been nominated for best creative player in the Blackberry Women and Technology Awards (2008, UK) and won at the Europrix Multimedia Awards (2008, Austria). She is a PhD candidate with SMARTlab at University College Dublin, Ireland. (http://www.taey.com)
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