Stephen Benton

Community Teaching and Technology Officer/SMARTlifelab Manager


In 2003 Stephen was awarded a BSc (Hons) in Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics by University College Dublin. Since then Stephen has held numerous roles in industry, including Production Biochemist, Technical Trainer, Health and Safety Trainer, IT Trainer, Process Improvement Specialist and Application Specialist. In 2011 Stephen obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from UCD and has four years' combined teaching experience in Science, Biology and Maths. Stephen has also worked as a resource teacher for children with special educational needs in Moyle Park College, Clondalkin. Stephen is currently the VP of Marketing for MotionFox, a company he co-founded with Dr Robert Quigley. Stephen is Interim Technology Manager for SMARTlab, working to ensure systems and infrastructures are working. Stephen has many interests including, but not limited to, experiential-based teaching methods and augmented-reality applications for school and real life.
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