Raj Tiwari

Futurist & Visionary


Raj is a globally experienced value-driven Futurist/visionary, digital technology and Health-Tech transformation leader. With 23 years global career spanning more than 19 countries across 6 continents, Raj brings a diverse unique international perspective to his work. Raj has shared his expertise cross-industry to fortune 100 corporations and individuals on realizing business values. In recognition of his thought leadership, he is appointed FORBES Technology Council, and consecutive two year in a row (2017/18) to Core-Judge panel of MIT’s flagship Initiative of Digital economy “Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC)” and Worldwide lead-chair of IEEE Future Direction Digital Initiative Committee (IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology). He is renowned digital health-tech transformation leader with a mission to modernize health care through technological innovation to make healthcare more personal, affordable and accessible for all. He is currently working with Johnson & Johnson, the world’s premiere healthcare company and previously work with Pfizer, Merck, GE Healthcare and Abbott. Raj is aimed at transform and shape the future of technology and health-tech trajectory via leveraging technology innovation such as personalized treatments for cancer (CAR-T) and manufacturing using Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Raj is dedicated to developing “workforce for future” and the next generation leaders through digital technologies innovation and entrepreneurship and contributing to numerous initiatives. Raj is Chief Technology Advisor of C-SharpCorner (a technology platform for 4+ million users) and sits several other organizations advisory board and helped startups. Raj plays an active role in various industry regularly featured as a Judge, Panelist, Keynote Speaker at International and national conferences.
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