Pierre Jolivet


Pierre Jolivet is a new PhD student at the SMARTlab. Originally from Paris, he is currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Pierre started his pioneering career under the moniker of Pacific 231, in the industrial/power electronics musical field, before moving into more ambient and abstract sounds. His work now explores the very limits of sound and space, especially through his new multimedia performances Stif(f)le and Im’shi. In 2010, he became part of the Luigi Russolo jury, a prestigious international award in acousmatic music created in 1979 by Gian Franco Maffina and Rossana Maggia with the participation of François Bayle and Pierre Schaeffer. As a postgraduate student at the SMARTlab at UCD, Pierre’s research looks at ‘Brainwave and Sensorial Perception: Research through Sound, Colour and Space’. His aim is to provide extensive biofeedback exploration using multi-channels and non-intrusive EEG Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta wave analysers to unveil auditory and visual processes. The primary focus of Pierre’s research is on the frontal lobe of the cerebral cortex, where the two hemispheres split equally to give us sentient and subconscious cognition. To better characterise the sensory feedback, a quantitative data set based on a comprehensive creative sequence of events will have to be generated. This will form the context for an analysis of a cluster of case studies on test subjects where the intended outcome is to develop a new method for compositional and perceptual processes. The compositional aspect will deliver a new and novel set of techniques for audio-visual artists to induce a sensorial fourth dimension. The aim is to create an educational framework and a new basis for research and design in such fields as acoustics and architecture. To read more about Pierre go to: pacific231.com
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