Eoin O’Brien

Artist in Residence (Music/Sound), In-house Editor


Eoin O’Brien is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He has written many songs and tunes, played with some great bands and recorded and produced some beautiful records, as well as creating music, atmospheres and sound effects for radio, television, film, dance, theatre, advertising and audio books. He enjoys creating avant-garde and abstract sounds and soundscapes, and is dedicated to pop music. Raised in a publishing house, Eoin has edited a lot of books, from children’s books to reference, biography and historical and academic texts. He is a member of the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers. He has taught music to people aged from four to 70, including underprivileged children, and has participated in theatre and music workshops for children. He is now an Artist in Residence with SMARTlab, and in-house editor. He also dabbles in design and enjoys fiddling with machines and making things.
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