Dr. Tomonori Hasegawa

PostDoc Researcher


Tomonori joins SMARTlab and the IDRC as an Associate Researcher at PostDoc level, researching the AI possibilities for programming drones to serve as assistive technology aids for People with Disabilities and elderly citizens. He recently completed a 4 year PhD at DCU on the topic of Artificial Life. His background prior to the PhD was in the area of Information Systems Science. His doctoral thesis focused on the topic of evolution of biological symbol systems in the emergent interdisciplinary domain of Artificial Life. Specific domains covered include: modelling, adaptive systems, artificial intelligence, etc. His broader academic interests include (but are not limited to): cognitive science; philosophy of mind; biosemiotics; science, technology, society and ethics. He also spent two years of Postdoc professional industry experience as a Project Manager in a Dublin game design studio, publishing freemium games.
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