Dr Susan Kozel

Dance and New Media


Susan was previously a Principal Researcher with SMARTlab and has worked with us since the 1990s, until her appointment at our collaborating institution, the MEDEA Centre in Malmo. Kozel works at the convergence of performance and digital technologies. In her role as Principal Researcher at SMARTlab, she focused on motion capture, wearables and mobile social computing. With a PhD in philosophy and a professional practice as a dancer/choreographer working with responsive computer systems, her research integrates phenomenological methodologies with physical improvisation. She is the director of Mesh Performance Practices, and has performed and published widely. Her book Closer: Performance, Technologies, Philosophy (2007) was published by the MIT Press, and her second book has the working title Social Choreographies: Corporeal Narratives with Mobile Media. Current projects include ‘Intuition in Creative Processes’ with the University of Art and Design in Helsinki; the ‘Designing Difference’ initiative, which applies methodologies from performance and philosophy to the design of expressive mobile platforms for bodies of mixed abilities; and a series of performances called ‘Technologies of Inner Spaces’.
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