Dr Sarah Parsons

Reader in Education – Southampton Education School, University of Southampton


Sarah Parsons is Head of the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusive Education at the University of Southampton. She has significant research experience in disability related projects and particular interests in the use of innovative technologies for children with autism and the views and experiences of disabled children and their families. Following a PhD in developmental psychology at the University of Nottingham, Sarah has led and managed research encompassing a range of approaches, and is skilled in the development and application of child-centred methodologies for accessing the views of children with special educational needs. She was a partner on the COSPATIAL project funded by the European Commission (€1.65M) which explores the use of collaborative technologies for supporting social skills for children on the autism spectrum (2009-12). She is currently a partner on the ESRC funded ‘Shape’ project (2012-13) which works closely with school practitioners to identify ways of using different interactive technologies in the classroom in innovative and exploratory ways.
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