Dr Katherine Milton

eLearning and Connected Learning


Katherine is the founding director of the Aesthetic Technologies Lab of Ohio University’s College of Fine Arts – a research and development facility devoted to assisting working artists in integrating emerging technologies into fine arts practice. She has been studying online communities for more than a decade, teaching online since 1996, and has published on the subjects of leadership online, creative collaborations and distance education. Her most recent book focuses on best practice in New Media Tools Design. She claims a variety of online worlds as her digital outposts, including Norrath (EverQuest) and Azeroth (World of Warcraft). Her experience in Digital Arts and Culture is broad and diverse, and includes work as a creative practitioner, a critical theorist and an arts administrator. She has worked in print, CD-Rom, DVD and web-based delivery platforms for both K-12 and higher education audiences, and served as a consultant and workshop leader to international agencies such as the British Council Morocco (for her work co-directing the early stages of the Moroccan Safetynet and Cybercafe Projects with Professor Goodman for SMARTlab) and the European Commission (as a collaborator on the SMARTlab RADICAL project: Research Agendas Developed in Creative Arts Labs).
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