Dr Jacquelyn Ford Morie

Dr Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Research Group Leader: Virtual Worlds


Jacki has been at the forefront of immersive-world technology since 1990, focusing her early research on affective and meaningful implementations of virtual environments. She received her PhD on this topic from SMARTLab (UEL) in 2008. She was also an early adopter of the online 3D world Second Life, and as a resident of that virtual world has been an innovative creator of content and functionality. Jacki produced one of Second Life’s first international art showcases, ‘The New West’, in 2006. She next created the artwork ‘Remembrance and Remains in Second Life’, which features a small Iraqi village, populated by autonomous villagers, to show the more human face of that war-torn country. She is developing and adapting health applications within virtual worlds to assist with stress alleviation/innoculation. Working with experts in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, she has adapted this proven technique for Second Life and is now holding classes ‘in-world’. She has also pioneered other techniques, such as deep breathing to control avatar jogging, and using narrative psychology to help victims of trauma ‘rewrite’ their life stories in a positive light. Jacki also works with AI experts to involve intelligent agents (as avatars) for many helpful purposes in the virtual world. This work can be seen at www.cominghomecenter.org. As a SMARTlab researcher, she also investigates online-world topics such as space, embodiment, identity and play, writing papers and book chapters that have been accepted and delivered at conferences worldwide.
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