Dr Gayil Nalls

Olfactory Experience Design


Gayil is an interdisciplinary artist, theorist, writer, curator, filmmaker and academic working in the arenas of professional art practice, science and academia. Her research has resulted in several major publications and awards, as well as in the creation of many major sculptural and art exhibitions worldwide. UNESCO made her a Good Will Ambassador for her work on the ‘World Sensorium’ Project (distributed as a scent sculpture for peace in New York’s Times Square at the Millennium Celebrations), which led in turn to the major practice-based research for her SMARTlab PhD, focusing on the emergent field of Neuro-aesthetics, exploring the connection between botanical scents and human olfactory memory. Her unique knowledge of the botanical scent process and of the role of neuro-aesthetics in communications is of tremendous importance to the field of disability studies. Two of her works are published on the Metropolitan Museum’s website: Many Saudi Women Live Recklessly Under Theatrical Clothes Truth Will Not Always Give You Art See Gayil’s 8 Feb 2012 article in Psychology Today, ‘You Stink! Smell and Politics’
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