Dr Camille Baker

Biofeedback Systems and Mobile Networks


Dr Camille Baker completed her PhD in May 2011 at our UEL campus, and graduated from UEL in November. Her thesis, ‘MINDtouch – Ephemeral Transference: Liveness in Networked Performance with Mobile Devices’, investigated the qualities of ‘liveness’ and ‘presence’ in mobile media performance and presented new understandings of the qualities and sensations that emerge when using mobile technologies in tandem with wearable devices in performance, personal and everyday contexts. Her work was sponsored, in part, by the SMARTlab BBC MINDtouch research project, a mobile, collaborative video-mixing project simulating telepathy and non-verbal communication through mobile video expression, as well as inducing altered states or meditative experiences through media art techniques. Camille advises the SMARTlab team on ‘Biofeedback Systems and Mobile Networks’. She is currently writing a book chapter for a Routledge-edited book, Creative Mobile Media Practices, edited by Dr Chris Fry and Dr Max R.C. Schleser. Dr Baker’s PhD Thesis is available in print, with DVD supporting materials, at the University of East London Library, and in digital form at the British Library. For more details, papers and articles, visit: swampgirl67.net & her bio on brunel.ac.uk
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