Dr Bruce Damer


Dr Bruce Damer completed his PhD in 2011 at SMARTlab at UCD and graduated from UCD in December 2011. His thesis concerns The EvoGrid‚ an approach to computational origins of life endeavours. Beginning with a historical review of approaches to the use of computers to simulate biology and challenges in origin of life experimentation, Bruce went on to propose a method to apply search to a large number of simulated chemical volumes to enable faster and richer emergent phenomena. Bruce and his team then constructed the EvoGrid, running seven experiments over as many months on a grid of computers and showed that this method produces better results (quantity of chemical bonds formed) than not using the optimization technique. Bruce then summarized the benefits and shortcomings of this approach and suggested pathways forward in the use of simulation in origin of life research. Bruce has joined the SMARTlab Adjunct faculty wearing many hats. A pioneer of the virtual-worlds medium, he was an early developer of avatars, virtual spaces and communities. He is an expert on the history of computing, curating his Digibarn Computer Museum in Northern California, and a designer and a simulation team leader for NASA, modelling current and future space missions. More on Bruce’s work and organisations can be found at www.damer.com A fun YouTube video: Who is Bruce (Damer) the First Fifty Years (Jan 31, 2012)
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