Antony Fernandes


Antony recently completed his studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (Neuchâtel) where he obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration, 2013. He has joined the SMARTlab team for five months from Feburary 2014 on an Erasmus Placement under the Marie Curie Leonardo Programme of the European Commission. The Swiss Talent Foundation matched Antony to SMARTlab to conduct his Business and Marketing internship for work experience abroad. His academic training is very comprehensive in terms of skills. The four main areas are marketing, finance, human resources and logistics. He has a strong preference for marketing, which he chooses as his main option during his third year of study. Antony achieved ​​his Bachelor’s thesis working on the subject of the watchmaking company Omega SA (located in Biel, Switzerland). The title of the BA thesis is: ‘Integrate the experience of the new Omega Museum in the marketing strategy.’ His internship at UCD will give him exposure to a number of cultural and business-related action research projects run by SMARTlab and Culturlab,, where he can aquire new skills and further extend his knowledge of the digital communications scene. He is co-supervised by Professor Lizbeth Goodman and Dr Marisa Ronan. He considers himself to be a keen learner, who is motivated, dynamic, enterprising, honest and sociable. Welcome Antony!
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