NESTA Legacy Project

We were awarded the NESTA Legacy Project to manage the creative fellowships and projects on behalf of NESTA from December 2006 to the end of 2009. Our Community Outreach Manager, Sheila Robinson, is managing these projects.

There are four major research projects: Blue Room, Making Waves, Music Tapestry and SODA, and nine fellowships in various stages, one is now complete, and one has still to start. We are holding networking events for the Project and are profiling the work that is being done through SMARTlab as part of our contractual remit.

There is the opportunity for some of the fellows to partner with other parts of UEL such as FabPad, and these introductions are being brokered.

The projects may also have applications that can be further supported and this is being actively encouraged.

The various ‘Project’ advisors and ‘Fellow’ mentors offer a high quality extended network around the NESTA Legacy Project for all the participants. The network is focused through SMARTlab and its events, which are hosted at Docklands.

Whole NESTA fellow lists are on here.

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