Domino Effects

Group Leader: Roshini Kempadoo
Team: Digit Agency, Adam Hoyle, Nalo Hopkinson, Tim Jones, Gary Stewart, Marc Matthews


Domino Effects will use its grid of large LCD screens, installed in a custom-built frame, to provoke a critical and complex understanding of how slavery has been culturally characterised over the past 200 years. It will explore exploitative relationships and historical airbrushing as symptoms inherent in our globalising culture.

The screens will contain a range of partial narratives that will interrelate and resonate against each other. Fantastical futuristic figures, archive material and contemporary characters will feed into an exploration of individual and collective social memory, articulated through a range of means: manipulated images, animation and video footage. The visual content will be developed simultaneously with a sound installation by Gary Stewart (iniVA), fine tuning the audio-visual relationship and creating an immersive experience.

Domino Effects will use these tools to rearticulate historical material – particularly relating to the social upheavals between the Caribbean, India and Britain – following the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade. In doing so it will make visible obscured positions and narratives, often those of women, to challenge the idea of the bicentenary of the abolition as simply a ‘celebration’. Instead, it will aim to evoke and expose contemporary parallels and consequences. It will problematise the omnipresent conventional romantic narrative, in which the emancipated African ex-slave becomes a hero/ine and the liberated, independent space/nation provides the ‘happily ever after’ scenario.

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